2024 Bold Predictions

5 Bold Prediction and 1 Hot Take

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Welcome to a very special edition of Disrupter Dispatch… where we dive into the future: our predictions for 2024 are here.

As a new father, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to this year's forecasts.

And at the end of this newsletter, we have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for the new year

So, a little history:
I went 4 for 6 on my '23 predictions
* 2 of them helped me make $1M personally

In '22, I went 3 for 4
*1 of them helped a brand of mine go to over $1M/week in revenue

This year I have 5... and a SCORCHING HOT TAKE
*and if I'm right on the HOT TAKE, it could mean the world changes for so many of us

Let’s explore what the next year holds, including my exclusive super hot take.

Ready for a glimpse into the future? Let’s get started!

Bold Predictions for 2024: The Future Of Digital Marketing, What You Need to Know to Scale and Grow

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:

1: Prediction 1: The Decline of CPMs

2: Prediction 2: Rise of the Middle-Class Marketer

3: Prediction 3: Black Friday & Cyber Monday as a Season

4: Prediction 4: Facebook's Audience Deprecation

5: Prediction 5: IG Shopping Explosion

6: Super Hot Take: The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Marketing Boom – A New Era of E-Commerce

2024 DTC Bold Prediction 1: Facebook Ads CPMs Future– A Downward Trend with Strategic Implications

A key trend that's set to continue shaping the digital marketing landscape is the consistent decline of CPMs, or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This trend is not just a statistical blip but a significant shift with deep-rooted causes and far-reaching implications for marketers and advertisers alike.

2024 DTC Bold Prediction 2: Rise of the Middle-Class Marketer – A Paradigm Shift in Ad Management

The year 2024 heralds a transformative shift in the digital marketing realm, particularly in how businesses handle their ad operations. A notable trend is the empowerment of the 'middle-class marketer', characterized by more brands opting to manage their Facebook advertising in-house, significantly reducing their dependency on external agencies. This trend is a convergence of several factors and has profound implications for the industry.

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2024 DTC Bold Prediction 3: Transforming the Black Friday & Cyber Monday as an Extended Phenomenon

One of the most significant shifts in the retail and digital marketing landscape is the evolution of Black Friday and Cyber Monday from isolated shopping events into a prolonged, season-long campaign. This trend is reshaping how businesses approach their end-of-year sales strategies and has broad implications for consumer behavior, marketing tactics, and overall retail economics.

2024 DTC Bold Prediction 4: The Strategic Shift in Facebook’s Audience Targeting

A pivotal trend in digital marketing is emerging: Facebook's decision to deprecate thousands of interest groups and behavior audiences. This significant shift represents a deeper change in the platform’s approach to audience targeting, signaling a move towards greater sophistication and effectiveness in digital advertising.

2024 DTC Bold Prediction 5: The Ascendancy of Instagram Shopping – Reshaping the ECommerce Landscape

A transformative trend is taking center stage in the digital marketing world: the meteoric rise of Instagram Shopping. This development is not just a mere expansion of Instagram's capabilities but a paradigm shift in how e-commerce is conducted, signaling a move towards integrated social commerce experiences.

2024 DTC Super Hot Take: The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Marketing Boom – A New Era of E-Commerce


In 2024, the digital marketing landscape is witnessing a seismic shift with the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing boom. This trend isn't just a transient phase; it's a fundamental change in how businesses connect with customers, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and evolving market dynamics.

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Hello Hello, It’s Charley, here with little Charley 5...
We are wrapping up the year and OMG
2023 has been an AMAZING YEAR!!!

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Okay well that's that
From myself, my wife, our 2 pups and my brand new baby girl

This is only the beginning, 2024 will be YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

And keep your eyes peeled for some MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS coming soon