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Sunday, February 25th
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We may not have football anymore, but we still have a breakdown of my most popular content from the week. Check these bangers out!

Whether you missed them or you need a second look, this content was popular for a reason, and you gotta give it a look!

1: The MOST POPULAR Newsletter this Week!
Testing Roadmaps, Vendor Management & eBooks with ChatGPT

2: The MOST POPULAR LinkedIn Post this Week!
This is how Facebook works.

3: The MOST POPULAR YouTube Video this Week!
Uncover the Secret to Higher Conversion Rates: Landing Page Testing

Fun Fact: Domino's Pizza uses AI in a surprising and innovative way with its AI-powered pizza delivery robots in select markets. These autonomous delivery vehicles, equipped with GPS and cameras, navigate to customers' addresses to deliver pizzas.

This technology not only showcases a futuristic approach to delivery but also enhances efficiency and safety, reducing human contact and potentially speeding up the delivery process.

Domino's integration of AI into its delivery service exemplifies the company's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve customer service and operational efficiency

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