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Tuesday, March 25th
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Buckle up for some real talk on optimizing custom conversion events. We'll be diving into the nitty-gritty of ad set performance, smart fit quizzes, and finding the sweet spot between too many assets and just the right amount. It's going to be an insightful ride, so let's get started!

To start with, we have a new video “The EASIEST Way to Scale a DTC Business in 2024”, then we’re going to be talking about Custom Conversion Event Optimization!

Make sure to check out our AI Tool of the Week, where I feature a new Secret Weapon from my DTC Toolbox with you!

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Maximizing Ad Performance and Custom Conversion Event Optimization

Strategies for Improving Ad Performance and Custom Conversion Event Optimization

The world of digital advertising is complex, and making strategic decisions to optimize ad performance involves careful analysis and evaluation. In a recent discussion, some key points were highlighted that shed light on the process of making decisions regarding ad control, performance impact, and data-driven optimization. Let's delve into the insights shared during the discussion and explore the implications for digital advertising strategies.

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:
1. Challenges with Custom Conversion Events
2. Volume of Custom Conversion Events
3. Testing Custom Conversion Events
4. Value, Volume, and Cost Considerations
5. Transitioning to Auto-Optimization
6. Managing Ad Set Volume

Challenges with Custom Conversion Events

Advertising experts often encounter challenges when optimizing ad sets with custom conversion events. In the quest to boost performance, questions arise about when and how to transition from a general purchase conversion to a custom conversion event.

Volume of Custom Conversion Events

One crucial factor affecting the performance of custom conversion events is the volume of data collected. Insufficient data can lead to underperforming ad sets. Experts recommend allowing the system to gather a substantial volume of data on the custom conversion event, preferably in the hundreds, to yield more accurate and reliable results.

Testing Custom Conversion Events

Transitioning to a custom conversion event involves careful testing and comparison. Some experts suggest running the existing ad set with the general purchase conversion alongside a new ad set using the custom conversion event. This method allows for side-by-side comparison and analysis of the system's response to each event, affording a clearer understanding of the impact of the custom conversion event on ad performance.

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Value, Volume, and Cost Considerations

When considering optimizing for specific events such as smart fit completions, it is important to evaluate the value, volume, and cost of these events. By considering the qualitative value of the event and its impact on the overall cost, advertisers can determine if the event is worth optimizing for and strategize accordingly. This method can provide a deeper understanding of the impact of optimizing for specific events and guide decision-making.

Transitioning to Auto-Optimization

Auto-optimization tools offer a powerful solution for managing ad sets more effectively. By setting rules based on spending thresholds and performance metrics, advertisers can automate the process of turning off and on ads, ensuring better control and improved ad performance. These tools also assist in creating disciplined rhythms for testing and optimization.

Managing Ad Set Volume

With numerous ad sets to manage, it is essential to stay organized and strategic. Adopting an auto-optimizer tool can help manage the volume of ad sets by automatically turning off underperforming ads based on predetermined rules. This allows for better allocation of resources and improved ad set performance.

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~ Charley T, Founder of Disrupter School

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