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Sunday, February 18th
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Hey everyone!

Hope you’re killing it and ready to supercharge your week with some next-level digital marketing vibes! 🚀 It’s that time again - I’ve bundled up the absolute must-sees and must-dos from Disrupter School and the digital cosmos, just for you.

1: The MOST POPULAR Newsletter this Week!
Unveiling the Secrets to Ad Scaling Mastery 🚀

2: The MOST POPULAR LinkedIn Post this Week!
It takes 5 minutes... and can easily 5x your biz

3: The MOST POPULAR YouTube Video this Week!
Earning My First Million: Strategies, Team Insights, and Essential Tools

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Fun Fact: Did you know AI has been used to personalize Coca-Cola vending machines, allowing customers to mix their own flavors via a smartphone app… showcasing how AI can transform even traditional marketing methods into interactive and personalized experiences.

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