$10,000 with ChatGPT in less than 5 Minutes

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Sunday, January 28th
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Hey everyone!

You're not going to believe what I've just put together for you! It's a video that's all about turning a few minutes into a whopping $10,000 – and the star of the show? ChatGPT!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  1. The Power of Customizing GPTs: Tailor AI to fit your unique marketing needs.

  2. ChatGPT for Ad Creation: Watch how I use AI to craft ads that really convert.

  3. Transparency in Results: I’m showing you my actual ad account – no secrets here!

  4. Maximizing Your Tools: Leveraging tools like VideoASK for greater engagement.

  5. Newsletter Growth Hacks: How ChatGPT skyrocketed Disrupter Dispatch's subscriber count.

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Fun Fact: Did you know? Using ChatGPT, I helped Disrupter Dispatch's newsletter subscriptions soar to new heights, attracting thousands of new subscribers in just over a week!

As always, I'm here to share my journey and discoveries with you. Stay tuned for more deep dives and insights in my disrupter dispatch newsletter. And hey, if you're already experimenting with GPT store apps or have your favorites, drop them in the replies - I'd love to feature them!

🎥 This Week’s Digital Marketing in 5 Video 🎥

How to Make over $10,000 with ChatGPT in less than 5 Minutes

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