Welcoming Patrik to the Facebook Ads MBA

Saturday, March 23rd
Highlighting a New Facebook Ads MBA Program Member

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Patrik Oiuninas, among many others, to the Facebook Ads MBA Program

Patrick is 19 Years Old, from Lithuania

He described himself as an upcoming entrepreneur

His goal is to quit his job and be financially free in 3 months using the Facebook Ads MBA Program and mentorship from Charley

We often see many folks ROI on their investment within 9-12 weeks, and he has ALREADY managed to get a few paying clients!

“I hope all of the people in this program make it to their desired destination or goal. Keep working hard and don’t give up. Make Charley Proud”
~ Patrik Oiuninas, March 16 2024

Until Next Time, I’ll See You On The Internet
~ Charley T, Founder of Disrupter School