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Sunday, March 3rd
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Mastering High Ticket Sales with Facebook Ads

2: The MOST POPULAR LinkedIn Post this Week!
How to set up ads faster

3: The MOST POPULAR YouTube Video this Week!
Facebook Ads Automated Rules Tutorial - 2024 FREE COURSE for Beginners

Fun fact: In the late 1990s, McDonald's faced a challenge in Japan where sales were declining. To combat this, they launched a unique marketing campaign called "Smile 0 Yen."

The idea was simple yet powerful: every customer would receive a smile for free with their purchase. This campaign wasn't about a new product or a discount; it was about enhancing the customer experience with a personal touch.

The "Smile 0 Yen" initiative resonated deeply with customers, leading to a significant improvement in public perception and customer satisfaction. It highlighted the importance of emotional engagement and customer service in marketing, helping McDonald's to rejuvenate its brand and boost sales in Japan.

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